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Open Arms Pet Rescue
Giving dogs a new start at a happy life!
Open Arms Rescue focuses on smaller breed dogs. We are a Non-Profit 501c3 Registered Charity and ALL volunteer based organization. We are based in Imperial Beach, CA but we have volunteers who foster dogs for us all across San Diego County, Riverside and Orange County. We are always looking for more volunteers to help foster a small breed dog. We rescue dogs from shelters across Southern California and all the way into the Mexico -Tijuana Perrera (Dog Pound) and from the streets of Mexico down to Ensenada. We have volunteers that go down to Baja on a regular basis to help out with feeding, cleaning and finding dogs to bring into our rescue program. Dogs in the Perrera only have 3 days before they are euthanized. We rescue a lot of dogs from this shelter because they have no chance of being adopted before they are either euthanized or become sick from being exposed to disease (as they are not vaccinated there when they first come into the Perrera). We select dogs that are adoptable, we quarantine them at our vet in Baja, monitor them, vaccinate them and then transport them to the US straight into volunteers homes for fostering until they can be adopted out. We also take in injured dogs that require surgeries to become healthy and adoptable. Typically when a California shelter receives an injured or special needs dog that is in need of surgery that the shelter is unable to perform due to their limited funds/resources they will either put the dog to sleep or only exit it to an approved rescue partner who can get the necessary medical care performed. We take a lot of these cases in from these California shelters and our adoption fees help support the medical bills. All of our dogs for adoption are spayed or neutered, microchipped,fully vaccinated, flea/tick treated and de-wormed. We are always in need of volunteers to foster a small breed dog. If you would like more info on becoming a volunteer foster parent pleasesee the last page on this site "volunteering to foster" and if you would like to be contacted send us your info on "contact us" page.
Also if you wish to donate any supplies we are always in need of:
  • Dog food ( including prescription food)
  • puppy pee pads (Chux)
  • flea control spot treatment (Advantage/Frontline etc etc)
  • dog beds, old bedding, towels, blankets
  • treats/chewies
  • leashes, collars and harnesses
  • toys
  • crates/cages/pens/doggy fencing/baby gates
  • laundry detergent
  • Papertowels
  • Play Pens, dog kennels/runs, crates
  • kiddie pools


Thanks again for visiting.
or call (760) 470-7643
PO Box 2248
Imperial Beach, CA 91933-2248

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